We help Subject Matter Experts/Consultants to gain more consulting business with our actionable innovation program  

If you are passionate to help your customers with disruptive innovations, we will bring startups and scaleups as well as a framework to deliver Innovate with Startups and Scaleups™ program!

Innovate with Startups and Scaleups™ is a unique EarlyBirds Marketplace program specifically designed for Early Adopters to turn organisation strategy into actionable innovation. The program is for brave change leaders and organisations that want to enable their teams to innovate on a day-to-day basis.

We help empower our customers’ organisation and their business function to take low-investment risks to fail quick and learn fast by trying innovative and competitive solutions from Startups and Scaleups. We enable organisation and teams to be the change leaders by facilitating access to new innovations in their industry by business function and business outcome to achieve business objectives.

The Innovate with Startups and Scaleups™ program has highly skilled Independent Consultants who are Subject Matter Experts (SME) in their respective fields. The SMEs will work with customer business including the innovation team, business units, and internal and external stakeholders to define their business challenges. The EarlyBirds team will then work with the SMEs to identify and evaluate potential Startups and Scaleups that can solve the challenge.

If you are a SME Consultant in any industry or business function and passionate to help your customers with latest innovations, then you could partner with us to deliver Innovate with Startups and Scaleups™ program!

Over 250 Innovators and Early Adopter organisations 
joined EarlyBirds Marketplace and counting…  

Customers consistently providing feedback that they are keen on actionable innovation. Position and deliver the Innovate with Startups and Scaleups™ program and become a change leader! 

What is The Innovate with Startups and Scaleups™ program?
Through The Innovate with Startups and Scaleups™ program, you will identify customer business challenges and will explore available actionable innovations from our startups and scaleups that can solve the customers’ challenge quickly. You will bring them back to your customers for presentations and discussions. On the completion of the program, you will provide a roadmap of options that your customer can apply in their business.


Student recruitment agency disruptive business model

Higher Education consulting and recruitment agency with over 30 global offices in multiple countries. MD in Australia.

Key challenges:

  • Is the current Business model valid?
  • Is the current Business model valid?
  • How do we give students as seamless recruitment experience?
  • ​How do we engage students and empower them as part of the recruitment journey?

Consulting partner engagement:

  • Business model reviewed and based on Gig economy a new model was proposed to move to a student marketplace platform to align to a future model.
  • How do we give students as seamless recruitment experience?
  • ​Moved from a location dependent recruiting approach to a highly flexible digital model including self-service, real time interaction, easy to use, application status and next steps.
  • ​The new business model and digital platform provided an ability to approach and target a wider and more relevant student base. 
  • ​The student experience has considerably improved through real time support and engagement.
  • ​Over 40,000 students on the new platform
  • ​Customer has signed up for ongoing Innovate with Startups and ScaleupsTM program.

Disruptive solution offer from seven startups and scaleups to a society challenge

A State government released a safety challenge for a specific society group across its capital city and around public transport. The challenge was unique and multiple disruptive and innovative solution options were required to solve the challenge.

Key challenges: 

  • Take advantage of deep technology to optimise data collection and informed decision making
  • Optimise biometrics, CCTV, sensors and artificial intelligence
  • ​Provide ideas for the flow of information to scale activities
  • ​Location based action to inform data and insights
  • Evaluate smart interactive technologies to enhance customer experience
  • ​Address education and behaviour change with new technology and business processes

EarlyBirds worked with its four Subject Matter Experts across Design Thinking, Intelligence/Safety and Data Analytics/Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence to build full scope of the challenge and then brought seven of its Startups and Scaleups to provide specific disruptive technologies to build a cohesive solution.

With number of Startups and Scaleups coming together including an engagement App, location services platform, ML/AI based CCTV biometrics smart tech, Drone based innovative tech, advanced analytics platform, acoustic based solution, it created a unique holistic approach without investing and getting solution for millions of dollars and taking years to implement it. Overall advantage was that all innovators had a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and it was just a question of proving each of the capabilities in the first phase without building things from scratch and then integrating in the next stage. 

Showcase of disruptive innovations in Cyber security to assist the whole industry sector

A specific industry sector in Australia was challenged for cyber security considerations especially around data security and protection of research intellectual property. Due to certain high-profile cyber event with an organisation with in the sector, the whole sector took cyber security as number one priority and was looking for disruptive innovations in cyber security for immediate and future protection.

Association of the CIOs across the industry sector requested EarlyBirds to bring number of disruptive startups to showcase some latest innovations in the cyber security sector that can be used immediately and for ongoing safety.  

EarlyBirds teams took the initiative to reach out to its registered cyber security startups as well in its network across startup hubs and accelerators to identify and shortlist relevant disruptive innovators. Selected cyber security startups were presented to the group of CIOs of the whole industry across Australia and NZ during members annual event.

This showcase session was highly rated and appreciated by all the members and requested to bring more startups and scaleups in the next annual event. Some of the startups immediately asked to come back for commercial discussions and asked to offer their disruptive innovations.  

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Meet The Key Team Members

Jeff Penrose – Cofounder 
Jeff is an ICT domain specialist, with significant international business development, sales and delivery experience in the private and public sectors. He has held executive management and technical roles in both commercial and large government organisations.
Jeff has extensive experience in defining and understanding business needs from clients and delivering creative outcomes. He is a detailed problem solver, with the ability to engage across a broad cross section of an organisation.

Jeff is married with four adult children and an appetite for continuous learning of business and technology trends and issues – Graduate Diploma on Executive Leadership.

Kris Poria – Cofounder
Kris has an extensive experience both running his own businesses as well as a successful corporate career across Asia, Europe, North America and then in Australia.
Kris has started and run businesses successfully as well as cases of learnings from his adventures. He also has corporate career including internal transformations as well as leading customer engagements and sales for small to large multi-million dollar programs.

Kris is married with two adult children; ongoing early adopter for continuous personal productivity and learning – MBA from Macquarie Graduate School of Management.

James Palmer – Director and Chief Financial Officer

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Over 25 years experience in professional services – 20 of those with a Big 4 accounting firm and ten years as a partner.
Before Early Birds, James was the CFO at Seeing Machines and, during his tenure has been instrumental in four share placings raising more than £58m in capital.
 Over this period the Company has grown from a staff of 50 to just under 200 full-time employees, with top-line revenue growth of over four times.
Before joining Seeing Machines James ran his own business providing consulting CFO services and advice to fast-growing entrepreneurial companies. Prior to that, James spent 24 years in professional services in London, Sydney and the USA, 20 of those years with a major accounting firm. He was a partner with Ernst & Young (now EY) for a decade, and for six years, Managing Partner of the EY assurance group in Canberra.
James holds a BSc (Honours) in Management Sciences (Manchester University) and is a Fellow of both the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. He is a registered company auditor in Australia and a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Dr Phil Kowalick

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Phil is the President of Australian Institute of Professional Intelligence Officers (AIPIO). He is one of Australia’s foremost thought leaders in law enforcement, intelligence and national security.
A serving police officer in the Australian Federal Police for over 34 years retiring at Commander level in 2014. Played a key role in many of Australia’s most important law enforcement programs and initiatives. Established multi-agency intelligence capabilities in Australia’s major airports; designed arrangements to set and manage Australia’s counter terrorism priorities in the Counter Terrorism Control Centre; and was instrumental in developing the Australian Criminal Intelligence Model.
A critical thinker, with extensive experience in strategic design and harnessing skills to help clients achieve benefits within intricate systems. Solves complex problems in organisations and was engaged as a consultant to develop the strategic design of the Australian Border Force.
Phil regularly presents scholarly papers on Intelligence, Law Enforcement, Counter Terrorism and Criminology and other associated issues at national and international conferences.

Brett Peppler

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Brett Peppler is an independent consultant at Early Birds Marketplace specialising management consulting practice providing intelligence-led approaches for managing uncertainty in strategic planning.
He specialises in the creative application of strategic foresight to frame and navigate complex business challenges. Most recently, Brett worked in the corporate sector as an executive leader and practitioner in business model innovation.
Previously, Brett was a professional intelligence officer, including appointments and professional engagements in the United States of America, Europe, New Zealand, and South-East Asia. Brett is a Fellow, Past President and Life Member of the Australian Institute of Professional Intelligence Officers (AIPIO), a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD), a Member of the International Association for Intelligence Education (IAFIE), and an Adjunct Fellow at Macquarie University.
Industry Sectors
Defence, Intelligence, Law Enforcement, Public Policy, Higher Education, Financial Services
Foresight, Intelligence, Strategy, Innovation, Risk

Dr Pramod Singh

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Dr. Pramod Singh is a senior executive with over 20 years’ experience in the space of advanced analytics and big data. He has in depth experience of developing strategy and delivering end-to-end big data and data science solutions in multinational business environment.
Throughout his consulting and in-house experience with Accenture, Unisys, HP, HCL Technologies, QBE Insurance and IAG, Pramod has developed a strong understanding of the data-driven enterprise of financial services, utilities, manufacturing, resources, telecom, government and health sector. He has experience of delivering machine learning and data analytics solutions using state-of-the-art big data, data visualisation, and advanced analytics tools.
He has a master's degree in computer and information technology from a premier institute - Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur and holds a doctorate in machine learning from the University of New South Wales, Australia. He was also associated with the University of Technology, Sydney as a lecturer and researcher for advanced databases and data mining.
Industry Sectors
Financial services, Telecom, Resources and Mining, Utilities, Manufacturing, Government, Health
Strategy, architecture and roadmap of analytics, data science and big data; Analytics and data science solution development and delivery; BI
Management of mix team of offshore and onsite resources; Agile methodology; Project and client engagement management

Dennis Silvers

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Dennis is experienced innovative Executive with extensive experience in leading complex business Development activities across corporations and government entities with a passion and track record of stimulating business growth in the Start-up and young entrepreneur space.
Dennis’ background includes holding the position of Productisation Manager with the Commonwealth scientific & industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) responsible for the identification of research throughout the organisation that had the potential to be commercialised, then lead and mentor the teams though the process of progressing the research to a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and finally facilitate the transfer of the product to industry.
Additional relevant experience includes holding the position with CSIRO of Manager Collaborative Research Centres (CRCs) office. An Australian Federal Government program. Responsible for evaluating the value proposition of all divisions that proposed to become a participant in a CRC this included working closely with a science committee, evaluation of the financial viability and IP management through to providing advice on the governance structure, Contracted by NSW Trade and Investment (T&I) to establish a team to identify Start-ups and SME’s developing investor /export ready novel technology. With a focus on eHealth, Dennis developed and implemented a strategic plan that resulted in identifying some 60 start-ups and facilitated the formation of some 10 consortia comprising of one or more start-ups, a multi-national corporation, a hospital prepared to pilot the technology and a public funded organisation, such as a university or CSIRO for advancing the technology to meet the criteria.
Renewable energy, eHealth and Virtual Intensive Care, Telemedicine technology, advance manufacturing including additive manufacturing, wireless sensor technology

Jane Bailey

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Jane is a former CIO of the Attorney General’s Department and a former senior SES officer at the Australian Crime Commission and the Australian Customs Service. Jane’s career spanned corporate leadership in both small and large agencies, including significant client service operations supporting both industry and citizens. She led major organisational restructuring and workforce redesign in response to changes in agency powers and responsibilities and budget reductions.
Her understanding of the human factors involved in organisational performance, particularly the need to build trust with staff, stakeholders and governments led her to focus on integrating integrity and trust into the operating environment of agencies. Jane has applied her extensive experience in Commonwealth corruption risk management through specialising in corruption resistance and integrity framework design and implementation. Jane’s expertise includes :
• Leadership of strategic corporate operations including organisational redesign
 • Information, communications and technology design and integration • Citizen-centric engagement and consultation
• National program and project design, delivery and evaluation • Employment relationships including staff mentoring and guidance • Corruption and fraud risk assessments
• Design and review of integrity

Ryan Hagh

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Ryan has been in IT industry for 20+ years’ spending most of his career working as a subject matter expert in cyber security in banking and financial sector, government, health and educational sectors. He has completed security projects in Australia and worldwide including US, Europe and Asia.
Ryan graduated with bachelor’s degree in computer engineering-programming from LIA University and has updated his skills with different IT and security industry certificates.
Ryan co-founded NSAA Security which is known for its high-end cyber security services especially in cloud computing.

Janaki Ramachandran 

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Janaki established Facilitrade as a Management Consulting Startup focussing on setting up organisations in export. Over 20 years the business gradually developed into business enhancement services working with small, medium and global organisations and federal and state governments.
Experience includes strategic research projects such as developing a commodity based marketing strategy for American Express. Researched global prospects for a first in the world training program for Aconex Ltd, set up a new business division and launched the product in 15 countries within 3 years.
Headed several service improvement and customer experience programs for the private and public sectors, customers included Moldex Metric Inc, KinCare Ltd (Home Care Services), NSW Family and Community Services and the Department of Ageing Disability and Home Care.
Managed Performance Measurement and Market Research QA for Austrade globally.
Currently working as an Independent Consultant for EarlyBirds Market Place to connect Startups and Scaleups to businesses which can help them grow.
Startup Management Services, Corporate Strategy,
Customer Experience (CX), Corporate Governance,
Program & Project Governance, Process Improvement & Cost Efficiencies.

Joann Corcoran

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Joann is an experienced strategic leader in management consulting, public service and ICT spanning small and large environments. Joann had an extended career across state to federal government agencies and was the CIO at the Attorney-General’s Department Australia. One of her strengths is the ability to switch her mind to many diverse technical and business problems at the same as shaping strategic direction and guiding operational outcomes.
Joann’s expertise includes:
Business Consulting, Strategic Planning, Business Process Reviews, Board Level Strategic Advice, Program Management, Not for Profit Sector, Federal and State Government, Risk Management, Governance, Technical Consulting, Procurement, IT Strategic Planning, Systems Reviews, Systems Roadmaps.

Get competitive advantage in your consulting business by providing actionable innovations back to your customers through Innovate with Startups and Scaleups™ program!


What is Innovate with Startups and Scaleups™ program?

Innovate with Startups and Scaleups™ is a unique EarlyBirds Marketplace program specifically designed for Early Adopters to turn organisation strategy into actionable innovation. The program is for brave change leaders and organisations that want to enable their teams to innovate on a day-to-day basis.

What is the value prop for Innovate with Startups and Scaleups™ program? 

Identify business challenges and opportunities - SMEs will work closely with the customer to identify their business challenges and opportunities.

Explore actionable innovations – Provide opportunity to the customer business to explore actionable innovations that can be used now.

Procure innovations – The customers are able to procure relevant innovations quickly and competitively including Proof of Concepts and enterprise use.

Continuous innovations – With fail quick and learn fast by trying new actionable innovations customer can extend their innovation team on an ongoing basis.

Exhibit Your Leadership with continuous innovation and by leading change initiatives for your customer business.  

Who could use Innovate with Startups and Scaleups™ program?

Innovate with Startups and Scaleups™ is designed for organisations looking to bring actionable innovations to quickly transform their business. The program can be used to identify key business challenges and find actionable innovations that can be used as soon as possible. 

Who are Early Birds?

Early Birds team is a unique mix of experienced change leaders including recent decision makers - CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, and Head of Innovation; Subject Matter Experts in Cyber, Intelligence, Data Analytics, Public Sector, Financial Services, Utilities, Education, Health, Transport, Law, Energy, MedTech, FinTech and advisors to organisations.

What exactly are you promising?

We are helping to empower your customer organisation and your customer business function to take low-investment risks to fail quick and learn fast by trying innovative and competitive solutions from Startups and Scaleups. This will enable their organisation and their teams to be the change leaders by facilitating access to new innovations in their industry by business functions and business outcomes to achieve business objectives.

How do I know your solution will work for me? Who hasn't it worked for? 

Innovate with Startups and Scaleups™ program is suitable for any organisation and leader who is looking to get strategic advantage with the latest tech disruptions and innovations. This includes transforming business models, processes, automation, productivity gain, improve security, increase customer satisfaction, improve revenue and efficiency gains. 

The program doesn’t work for the leaders or businesses that are not ready to listen and try new things and not ready to fail quick and learn fast by trying new actionable innovations and extend your innovation reach on an ongoing basis.  

If you think, you want to help your customers with this program then this is for you.

What are typical contract terms? 

Innovate with Startups and Scaleups™ program can be run on number of times your customer business wants in a year. This could include running this program across different business functions or even for one specific challenge. 

What are the commercial arrangements between my SME consulting company and EarlyBirds? 

Your SME consulting company will sign a contract with EarlyBirds to deliver the program. At a high level, the program has five work packages and four will be delivered by you, therefore the fee spilt will be in the similar ratio.

Do I need to pay anything to be part of this program?

Yes, to be part of the program, you have to just pay $480 for a year subscription. EarlyBirds is happy to discuss this further as pert of the discovery call.

What is the price of Innovate with Startups and Scaleups™ program? 

The program price starts at $25,000 for the customer and the price is dependent on variables including the organisation size and scope of the services required. As an SME consultant, you will get a major portion of the program revenue. EarlyBirds team is happy to discuss this further as part of the discovery call. 

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